Year Round Activities

Year Round Activities: Riding Lessons, Horse Vaulting, Pasture Boarding, Horse Training, Group Tours, Family Rides, Birthday Parties, Overnighters

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Spring Forward Horse Fun Show

Spring Forward Horse Fun Show: Bring your own horse (or use one of ours -limited available) and enjoy a fun day of informal games and classes on horseback. NEED TO SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME. Date/Time: TBA (a Saturday in May) Sign up early and influence the date!

Spring Vaulting on Sundays

Dance on a moving horse to music! Learn basic gymnastic skills, test them on our barrel horse, then try out your new-found passion on a real horse! Hands on instruction and a safe learning environment help make this new horse sport ideal for both shy and bold riders. Never rode a horse before? No need! You’ll learn how to move in sync with a horse in no time. Ages 5 through Adult. Sundays at 2-4 pm, April 11th, 18th, 25th, and May 16th, 23rd, 30th.Preregister by April 4th All 6 lessons for $180/person or $40 for each individual lesson (Family discount: $350 for 2 kids). Vaulting Parent Show on June 4th at 6pm.

Secure Riding Academy Mondays 4-6pm

UPDATE: FULL, but can sign up to be one our waiting list Spring 2021. Youth will learn all about horses, how to care for them, and how to ride them. Students will be taught horse science, basic horse care and management skills as well as riding skills including the Secure Seat Method. Ages 5-18. Mondays, meet once weekly for 7 weeks. Meet after school at 4:00pm-6:00pm. Preregister by April 2nd. Cost: $210 per rider.

Types of Ranch Visitors

Sall-e arrives at the ranch 10 minutes or more early, jumps out of car, and proceeds to wander all over ranch trying to "find someone home", entering multiple buildings, and interacting with animals unsupervised. All while a frustrated single staffed instructor hurries to finish her office work or has to break early to assist the wandering Sall-e. Beck-e arrives at the ranch 10 minutes early or even on time, drives around the circular drive, does not "see anyone around" and assuming "no one is home" and drives out. Of course, she didn't notice a hurried instructor racing to flag the down the impatient Beck-e as she drive off. Don't be like Sall-e or Beck-e Carri-e arrives at the ranch on time or a few minutes on either side and plans to wait in her car. She decides to use the restroom and get a water bottle from the lounge frig so she walks to the office and does that. Then she waits to her appointment time and is greeted by a grateful instructor and they begin their business or lesson. Gold star, Carri-e, Gold star 🌟 Be more like Carri-e